[cultural performances]



PERFORM EUROPE! Art Project by Patricia Ines Hoeppe

(Per)forming society is not only the responsibility of the politicians, it is our responsibility as citizens! This European participatory art project invites European citizens, refugees and those who are in Europe temporarily, to participate in perform(ing) Europe. The term CULTURAL PERFORMANCE is understood as culture formed through actions. The participation of its citizens is essential in European democracy. Every European citizen is invited here to (per)form Europe: using artistic actions to define individual positions, to express individual attitudes within European social fields- and through art, discuss boundaries and limitations and negotiate ways to get past these. The thereof resulting culture-constituting performances are intended to initiate creative approaches for handling those difficulties as they emerge. These will be performed in the respective artistic fields and discussed openly.

The work-in-progress-project PERFORM EUROPE! is intended to enable and facilitate emotional access to citizens participating within the European democratic system. This will be achieved in the form of participatory performances, workshops, discussions and a citizen-happening. The opening of PERFORM EUROPE! takes place from February 20 to March 4, 2018 in the Museum for Communication Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The processes which are set in motion will then be continued and intensified in individual European countries. The experiences will then be presented and discussed in a closing conference on the role of art in form(ing) a contemporary Europe. More information can be found in the website below.

Idea, Conception and Project Head: Patricia Ines Hoeppe