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Patricia Ines Hoeppe is an artistic researcher, conceptionist and producer of artistic social situations. Her work is grounded in community building, social and individual constructioning across diverse social environments, cultures and contexts. She develops and realizes projects in order to seek for social solutions by arts. Her work focuses on investigations of identity within the social context. For this she uses performance art and installations as both seismograph and tuner, raising consciousness of social situations and experimenting with responses by placing the individual and the social situation in a good relation and perspective to each other.

In her work Patricia includes passengers, participants and performers and collaborates in many projects with sites and venues, galleries, socially engaged and art institutes and even whole cities (s. performed city) across Germany and internationally. Her projects have been financed by her collaborators or by institutes like DAAD. Patricia’s projects were shown e.g. in Sydney Biennale 2016, Vivid Festival Sydney 2016, Fotoweek Duesseldorf 2016, Art Fair Cologne, Artspace Sydney/ Australia, Haus der Universität Düsseldorf, NRW Forum, Unicef Hamburg, Medecins Sans Frontiers Berlin, Museo Contamporena Santiago de Compostela/ Spain, Italian Embassy / Istituto Culturale Berlin, Haus am Lützowplatz Berlin, Cabaret Voltaire Zürich/ Switzerland.

Patricia graduated from the Berlin University of Fine Arts with a Master degree (master class of Rebecca Horn) and with a diploma in communications-design (class of Maria Vedder). She obtained a diploma in art therapy (master class of Katharina Gutknecht) at Artaban College of Art Therapy Berlin, as well as a diploma in physiotherapy and various qualifications in psychomotorics, psychology and art pedagogy. She worked in all of the above fields.  Since 2012 she works as a professor for intermedia art at the Frankfurt University of Applied sciences. In the summer term of 2016 Patricia was Guest professor at The University of Sydney/ Department of Performance Studies. Since 2012 she is part of the team developing and installing the new masters programme „performative arts in social fields] of the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, which will start in summer 2017.

[Stand Ups] City of Sydney 6/2016, [To be (not) part] Artspace/ Sydney Biennale 2016, [The Big Arrival] participative performative project for cultural integration with refugees and citizens, Frankfurt a. M., 2015-2016 , [Shooting at Borders] Haus der Universität Düsseldorf/ Fotoweek Düsseldorf 2016, [Democratic Zone], Berlin/ Frankfurt a. M. 2016- 2015, [Performed City] Rhein–Main–Zone Germany, 2014-2012[Sitting Lines of Flux] KiT Düsseldorf 2012[kriech + frieden] , Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich/ Switzerland, 2008 [Übungsparcours Kriegskriechen], Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich/ Switzerland, 2008, [sky touched ground- ground touched sky] Art Cologne 2006, [Shootings] World Cup 2006, Kulturbrauerei Berlin, [The Homeless] Spring Art Tower/ Los Angeles 2005, [The Crawlings] OCMA New Port Beach, USA 2005, [Shooting at the German Border] Haus am Lützowplatz Berlin 2005, [Ciao Bella] Italian Embassy Berlin/ Istituto Culturale Berlin 2004, [Shooting at the Mexican Border] Art Cologne 2003, [Fleeing from the Flood] art-project for the Tsunami victim in cooperation with Medecins Sans Frontiers and UNICEF, Lichtwerke Hamburg 2003, [Feindbilder/ The Image of the Enemy] art project with Iraqi refugee children, Atelier am Kreuzberg/ Berlin 2003, [2-Tausend-m-Lauf] Movie Explosion V, Filmfestival Berlin 2003, [Sweeping the Pilgrims Path II] New York City 2001, [Fallings] Galerie Hengevoss-Jensen/ Hamburg 2001, [Performed Mandala] Museo Centro de Arte Contemporanea, Santiago de Compostela/ Spanien 2000, [Sweeping the Pilgrims Path I] 2000 year Jubilee of Christianity, Museo Centro de Arte Contemporanea, Santiago de Compostela/ Spain 2000, [Bishin zum Rutschen auf den Knien] Berlins city halls 1999, [Publikumsverkehr] and [Paar-Zerstrahlung] performance for participants Berlin 1998


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©THE BIG ARRIVAL is a work-in-progress project from Patricia since 10/ 2015 in cooperation with the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences and the City of Frankfurt. The topic is the arrival of more than 1 million refugees in Germany and the individual and social situations related to this. Performers and participants are German citizens and refugees. In the realm of performative possibilities and actions democratic values are settled and negotiated by one’s personal position, in order to find a good cultural integration of diversity. Also included is the attempt to grasp suffering and trauma, manifested by situations of flight, which exist in the collective memory of older Germans and are becoming more and more a worldwide experience.


©PERFORMED CITY is a performance based community work with a whole city. In 2012-2014 Patricia developed with ©PERFORMED CITY a new performative methodology for comprehending and forming integration processes in a democratic city. The goal is to enable citizens by these methods to find independently a good position for themselves, in the city and within the entire society. To position oneself and to find one’s place seem to be the questions for good social togetherness. By settling and negotiating democratic values and by creating possibilities and actions the citizens are invited to form their own cultural integration.


Patricia established her ©PERFORMANCE PARCOURS since 2013 within a lot of schools in Frankfurt. Performance methods are democratic methods.  Children are invited to experience by mimetic and poietic performative practices democratic cultural competences. In several parcours stations the participants can experiment with performative methods of well-known performance artists, to create an expression of the own cultural participation.